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Holiday attractions

In the central part of the Pyrenees, the department of Ariège knew to preserve its traditions in a wild but accessible nature. Thanks to a varied relief, the flora and fauna are very diversified and fill with wonder the hiker.

Ariège offers a vastness of things to be discovered throughout the year with a landscape of ancient towns, villages, castles, romanesque churches and an inexhaustible history.

- You can visit the prehistoric caves, the castles of the cathars, the museums, the typical markets, the craft industry...

- Or walk in search of the orchises and the butterflies, and follow the old cathar paths by mountainbike or on horseback. From our site, you can reach the castle of Montségur, the last refuge of the cathares in 2 hours. At the base of the rock lies the small village of Montsegur. The castle is very famous for it's long and bloody history. It stands at the heart of the history of Catharism. That’s how it is in Ariege, there is a nostalgia in the air, the past is always present.

- Families with children can go visit the butterflies of Amaranthe, the house of the wolves in Orlu, the donkey farm or the prehistoric Pyrenean park. And you shouldn't forget the Lake Montbel of more than 500 ha, where one can bathe or practise water sports.

- In winter, we benefit from the proximity (at 15 km) of the ski resort of the Monts d'Olmes with 23 km of tracks on 300 ha but also the plateau de Beille, at 50 km, is worth a turning in winter as in summer. In winter, the cross-country skiing and in summer, excursions make it possible to discover the splendid landscapes and sights on the Pyrenees.


Let's not forget the activities on the spot: swimming pool, table tennis, family reception.


Parc pyrénéen préhistorique
Lac d'Appy
Plateau de Beille
Chateau de Foix

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